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Grab-n-Go Snacks for Toddlers

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Grab-n-Go Snacks for Toddlers

Learn new quick, tasty, and healthy grab-n-go snacks for your toddler that you can prepare in minutes!

Dozens of snacks marketed for toddlers are available at your local grocer, but many of them are processed with less wholesome and health promoting ingredients. Help your child develop healthy eating habits by making your own nutritious snacks. With a little planning, creativity, and preparation, a nutritious snack is within reach!

Plan First

Before heading off to do your weekly grocery shopping, make a list of some of your toddler’s favorite snacks, or think of some new ones he/she may like to try. Look up ideas from your favorite cookbook or magazine, or try our ideas below. Make sure to include the ingredients on your grocery list.

Get Creative

Here are some nutritious ideas to arm your grab-n-go snack arsenal. Where an asterisk (*) is found, please note that these snacks must be kept at a safe temperature (less than 40°F) to prevent spoilage. Food safety is key! Keep these snacks in a refrigerator, cooler or insulated lunch sack with ice.

  • PB&J sandwich made with almond butter and fruit preserves
  • Steamed and cooled edamame (soybeans)
  • Bell pepper strips, cucumber slices, and baby carrots dipped in hummus*
  • Cut up fresh fruit dipped in yogurt*
  • Dried fruit (try sulfite-free dried apricots, cranberries or dates)
  • Homemade trail mix made with cereal, dried fruit, nuts or seeds, shaved coconut, and chocolate chips
  • Homemade zucchini muffins (or any homemade muffin of choice made with diced fruit, grated vegetables, even pumpkin puree!)
  • A mixture of raisins or dried cranberries and oatmeal squares (or O’s) cereal
  • Whole-grain crackers topped with your child’s favorite cheese*


A little time spent preparing and assembling snacks for the day or week ahead can shave hours from your hectic week.

  • Keep a stash of recycled margarine or cottage cheese containers and lids, snack size baggies, or reusable containers on-hand for easy storage.
  • Portion your snacks into these containers and refrigerate or line in your pantry to make a healthy grab-n-go treat available anytime!

Healthy Tips to Consider

To make sure your growing toddler’s snacks provide the biggest nutritional bang for your buck, include at least two of the following key nutrients:

  • Healthy Carbohydrates: A much-needed source of energy for your toddler, choose minimally processed carbohydrates, like whole grain cereals, crackers or bread, fresh whole fruits or vegetables.
  • Protein: Necessary for your toddler’s growing body, include healthy protein sources like cheese, milk, yogurt, chicken breast or beans.
  • Healthy Fats: Most store-bought snack foods contain an imbalance of unhealthy fats. Avoid the saturated-fat trap by providing nuts, seeds, nut butter, olives, or avocados as snacks.

See Snack Emergency. for more snack ideas.


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