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Explore nutrition tips, kids’ meal plans, kids’ activities, recipes and more from pediatric nutritionist, Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE.

Tasty Recipes

Explore our tasty recipes that are kid-friendly and dietitian-approved! There are many plant-based recipes and recipes that that are free of main allergens!

pumpkin and apple soup

Creamy Pumpkin and Apple Soup

This roasted pumpkin and apple soup is a child favorite that will make your household’s tastebuds fall in love with

vegan gluten free cinnamon roll

Vegan Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls

These vegan and gluten-free cinnamon rolls are a perfect sweet treat for kids with allergies. You have the option to

healthy greek yogurt and papaya parfait in glasses. Outdoor background.

Honey Papaya Yogurt Parfait

Papaya parfait, c’est parfait! A sweet and satisfying snack, breakfast, or dessert, this healthy Greek yogurt parfait is sure to

Raw Jicama, Mexican turnip in bowl

Jicama Sticks and Guacamole

Say hi to your new best (snack) friend, jicama. Together with guacamole, it makes the perfect snack or appetizer. Pronounced