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Explore nutrition tips, kids’ meal plans, kids’ activities, recipes and more from pediatric nutritionist, Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE.

Tasty Recipes

Explore our tasty recipes that are kid-friendly and dietitian-approved! There are many plant-based recipes and recipes that that are free of main allergens!

apples for microwavable apple pie recipe

1 Minute Microwavable Apple Pie

Imagine a warm, sweet, cinnamony aroma that fills the house with the holiday spirit. Try this microwavable apple pie recipe

Nutty Cinnamon Fruit Spread with apricot jam

Nutty Cinnamon Fruit Spread

Start off your day with this nutty cinnamon fruit spread that’s full of flavor and color!  This fruit spread is

Tasty Baked Tofu Nuggets

Trying to get your kids to eat tofu? They’ll love this easy recipe that is full of flavor and nutrients!