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Explore nutrition tips, kids’ meal plans, kids’ activities, recipes and more from pediatric nutritionist, Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE.


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We work with organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit on national health initiatives and campaigns.

Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to easy-to-understand and reliable nutrition information.

Looking to get your message out to a larger audience? Let SuperKids Nutrition and our experts help project your vision by:

  • Collaborating on joint health messages and campaigns
  • Work on grant-funded community programs together, with the Super Crew
  • Create curriculum or outreach materials to combat childhood obesity and promote health.
  • Serve on your advisory board

Partnership Highlights

  • SuperKids Nutrition partnered with American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) to co-create the Healthy Kids Today, Prevent Cancer Tomorrow campaign. AICR has raised over 90 million for cancer research (see our campaign on American Institute for Cancer Research)
  • The Super Crew was focus tested through funding with a grant in partnership with Healthy Dining Finder). We manufactured Super Crew toys and developed activity placemats at select restaurants through the Kids LiveWell program.
  • We partnered with the National Restaurant Association to develop an app with Super Baby Abigail called FoodLeap, a free gaming app that increases awareness about the benefits of healthy foods!
  • We partner with over 5,000 schools in 40 states to provide parent newsletters, menu back activities with the Super Crew, and nutrition curriculum.

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Hi, I’m Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE, America’s trusted nutrition expert, with 20+ years of experience. I’m passionate about making good nutrition easy, tasty, and fun! Explore our engaging nutrition activities, yummy recipes and effective tools to help inspire your kids to try new healthy foods! Let’s begin a new journey together! See About Melissa to learn more.

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