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Healthy eating for families starring the super crew from superkidsnutrition.com

Healthy Eating for Families, The Ultimate Nutrition Guide for Kids, Parents, and Educators


By: Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE

This book is the perfect tool for teaching and inspiring kids, parents, and caregivers to eat healthy while learning about good nutrition at home or in the classroom. You and the kids will love exploring tasty foods with the Super Crew characters who get their powers from healthy colorful foods! Within the book you will find: 

• Tips for getting kids to try and enjoy new foods

• Fun and tasty food ideas, facts, and activities

• Goal setting for healthy eating

• Mix and match meal ideas

• Plant-based food health benefits

• Family-style meal reminders

• Practical and evidence-based tips and tools for adults on how to introduce new and healthy foods to kids

A Sneak Peak of a Few Pages

activity family goal setting sheet in healthy eating for families by melissa halas
Super Crew kid Tom Tom water activity page in healthy eating for kids and families

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