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Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate the only planet we have on April 22nd by integrating some Earth-friendly kids’ food and healthy-living practices into your daily routine. Don’t stop there, enjoy some of these activities throughout the year!

Here are some ideas of ways you can start:

  • Try to eat more locally grown foods, or foods grown within 200 miles.
  • Going out to lunch or a movie as a family? Try riding your bikes to the restaurant or theater!
  • Make it a goal to shop at a farmer’s market once this month – discover 10 reasons why you’ll love the farmer’s market.
  • Plant a garden – even if all you have is a window or balcony. Herbs, strawberries, zucchini – you choose what you like the most. Check out these tips on how to start a garden. Learn how gardening does more than just yield crops!
  • Try Meatless Mondays, even if it’s just twice a month – and it doesn’t have to be on a Monday, it can be whatever day of the week is convenient for you!
  • Take a family hike in a new park to explore all of nature’s beauty. Or, invite your neighbors and play a fun game of volleyball in your backyard or local park.
  • Read some garden themed or earth friendly books with your children. Then have some fun gardening with your little ones.
  • Purchase one BPA free, reusable water bottle for each member of the family. Have everyone bring it with them wherever they go, and keep refilling that bottle throughout the day. Try to maintain this practice for the rest of the school year.

Fun eco-centered food activities you and your kids can do together on Earth Day

Super Crew Earth Day 3
Super Crew Earth day 2

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