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Healthy Fundraisers – Which Foods Will Your Child Choose?

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Foods that compete with your kid’s health are called
competitive foods. Competitive foods might include the coke your child purchases from the vending machine even after seeing a cartoon of low-fat milk but chooses in the school cafeteria. Help replace competitive foods at school and at home by choosing healthier options from the get-go. Below are some options to help get you started.

Healthy Party/ Fundraiser Ideas at School
Better options:

  • Seasonal fruit cup sale instead of a bake sale
  • Popcorn sale instead of a candy sale
  • Sandwich party (have each kid bring their favorite topping and you bring the bread) instead of a pizza party
  • Other great options if resources for proper storage are available include: Low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt and shaved ice flavored with Crystal Light flavors

Non-food Fundraising Ideas:

  • Walk-a-thons
  • Read-a-thon
  • Gift-wrap sale
  • Grocery store fundraisers (Grocery stores give a percentage of community members’ purchases to a designated local school)
  • Car wash
  • Magazine subscription sale
  • Book fair
  • Talent show

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