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10 Holiday Activities for the Kids

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Holiday activities are often focused on sweets or unhealthy foods while the real reason for the gathering gets pushed aside. Not every activity must involve food this holiday season. Make the holidays fun with these top 10 tips that maintain the focus on time spent with family!

Get the string out: this year, why not string together popcorn with dried cranberries and raisins to decorate your house or tree? Or, just keep the popcorn, cranberries, and raisins in cookie-tins for a tasty on-the-go snack. You could also string together just popcorn and hang it outside for the birds to eat! Your kids will love to watch the birds enjoy their treat! Check out these tasty popcorn recipes!

Candy canes: Have a family member who demands candy canes? Buy the hollow ones and use one as a straw! Kids will enjoy the holiday flavor while sipping on water or homemade healthy beverages like water mixed with a splash of pomegranate or grape juice. Or try making your own tasty fruit candy cane made with bananas and strawberries!

Try something new to foster the spirit of giving: volunteer with your kids at the local food bank to learn more about how food is distributed to those in need. Volunteer with older kids at a community center with serving meals- a valuable experience and a great way to give back to the community!

Make healthy living fun: Check out our Winter Coloring Pages and Healthy Holiday Gingerbread house. Don’t miss the Healthy Kids Today, Prevent Cancer Tomorrow campaign, for activities and recipes you can enjoy together over winter break and throughout the new year.

Get doughy: make homemade dough ornaments with flour and salt. You will teach your kids about cooking and baking while creating memories that you can share with others. Glaze the ornaments after the holidays so they last for years to come. ‘Season’ your ornaments with different spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin pie for enticing scents. Talk about other ways to use these spices with your kids.

Get crafty: Cut out potatoes in various shapes, like apples, Christmas trees or wreaths and stamp them on brown paper to make your own personalized wrapping paper.

Create holiday snack mixes. Ask your kids to each come up with one or two favorite nuts or dried fruits, then combine to create a family snack mix.  Add your trail mix to salads, yogurt, rice dishes or keep it plain for a snack while on family outings.

Be artsy: have your kids perform their own Christmas play, act out a scene from a holiday play, book or movie or play a musical instrument for a family performance. This reduces how much time your kids spend sitting around watching TV, playing video games or eating food out of boredom.

Shell it out: crack walnuts ahead of time and insert a quarter or other coin then re-glue. Hang the walnuts on the tree and when your friends or family’s kids visit, let them choose one.  Then ask them if they know walnuts are good for their brain and their heart. They can eat them, and invest their money well!

Let it snow: create unique snowflakes with your kids using construction paper and glitter.  Glue their picture in the middle, string the family snowflakes together, and hang them above the mantle or on the tree. Keep the creativity high and the family ties strong.

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