The Carrot Seed

This book is a great introduction to elementary agriculture. Children learn how seeds are cultivated and that the green tops come out of the land first! Story by Ruth Krauss Pictures by Crockett Johnson What is the book about? The Carrot Seed tells the story a young boy who plants a carrot seed and tends to […]

Super Baby Abigail’s Lunch Time Adventure

Overflowing with gorgeous pictures of healthy, delicious foods, Baby Abigail’s adventure creates the perfect opportunity to introduce nutrition concepts in a kid-centric way. By Melissa Halas What is this book about? Baby Abigail is back for more fun times with the Super Crew! This time, she’s using a Fruit and Veggie Growing Machine to make […]

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

Learn Buddy Bear’s gardening tips and all that he does with his seeds, then have the kids join in to create their own garden! Written and Illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! tells the story of Buddy Bear, a young cub, who receives in the mail from his grandfather a package of seeds to plant. […]

Picky Nicky

Picky Nicky is a picture book that has simple words with fantastic pictures to tell the story, and flashcards to make learning easy and fun for toddlers and beginner readers! by Cathy East Dubowski and Mark Dubowski What is the book about? The title says it all. Picky Nicky refuses to eat the dinner her mom […]

Pancakes For Breakfast

by Tomie DePaola Set in the country, “Pancakes for Breakfast” is a story of a lady who wakes up one cold winter morning and decides to make warm pancakes. While originally published in l978, it remains a delightful, timeless lesson on how pancakes are really made. There’s not a frozen package or mix box in […]

One Red Apple

Story by Harriet Ziefert Ziefert pens a charming account of the life of an apple through the eyes of children in this almost good-enough-to-eat book. The story begins at an apple orchard, where the shiny red apple is picked and transported to the local market. From there, the crisp fruit is bought at a farm […]

Oliver’s Fruit Salad

by Vivian French Fruit is yummy! That is what Oliver, the main character, learns in this book. This book is about a little boy whose grandfather grows fruit. Oliver believes that his grandfather’s  fruit is the best; however, he will never eat any fruit. In the book, Oliver helps make a colorful fruit salad and […]

My Lunch Box (Tote-Along Soft Shapes)

by Iinnovative Kids This book is actually listed as a paperback, but is made of nontoxic, latex-free, colorful, and floatable pop out foam. With this book your child can: Learn about the different food  groups; make-believe they are making a meal by pulling out the pieces and putting them back in the lunch box or […]

Treasure Hunt with the Munch Crunch Bunch, Available in Spanish & English

Story by Jan Wolterman, Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D., and J.W. Wolterman This is a great resource for developing healthy eating habits in children. The storyline uses a young boy, Rudi, as the main character. After gulping a breakfast loaded with sugary treats, Rudi ventures out with his mother to a grocery store. The sleepy-headed boy […]