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Secrets of Reaching your Health Goals

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I need you to do me a favor. Take a minute and think of something you have had success with. It can be anything. It can be a hobby, a sport, a relationship, or maybe a job. Just pick something for you. Do you have it yet?

Alright, now think about some of the things you did to achieve that success. List all the qualities you displayed when you had success with your activity.

Some common qualities are:

  • Dedication
  • Planning
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Intensity
  • Focus
  • Persistence
  • Efficiency
  • Open-mindedness

Now, simply take all of these qualities and apply them to your nutrition and exercise goals for you and your family. For example, if you were extremely dedicated to teaching your child to learn the piano last year – be really dedicated to providing vegetables or fruits with every meal. You know you can. You already did it with the piano.

Another example – remember when you planned ahead for all of those field hockey practices? All you have to do now is plan ahead for your morning walks or for Saturday morning hikes or visits to the park with the whole family.

When we act out those common qualities that bring success in one area, they can assist you in achieving success in another and also help break bad habits. Setting one goal and sticking with it can lead to new habits that last. Kind of a relief, not to have to start by changing everything! Small steps can lead to big changes.

One of the best things about exercise and nutrition is that they nourish each other. The momentum you build in one can be transferred to the other. It is a snowball effect. Have you ever had a great workout first thing in the morning? Now – tell me that you weren’t motivated to have a great day with your nutrition as well. Use the core qualities that helped you succeed in the past and watch your actions build momentum to help you reach your health goals.


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Ryan is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist and yoga instructor. Previously a nationally ranked competitive body builder, Ryan played an integral role in developing the Precision Nutrition System and certification program. He currently follows a plant-based lifestyle, and helps coach clients within the Precision Nutrition System.

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