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Mom Entrepreneur Resources We Recommend

Categories of Resources for Moms

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Resources for Online Businesses

I loved these courses by Erica Julson, MS, RD. You’ll learn about important SEO tools and approaches you should be using for your business, as well as many simple ways to increase your passive income!

Feeding Your Child

If you’re interested in learning more about baby’s first foods and baby-led weaning, Registered Dietitian Sarah Almond Bushell offers a fantastic course. She’ll lead you through the minefield of information and further address questions like “When do I start?”, “Is baby-led weaning or purees best?”, and “How can I prevent choking?”. 

Baby boy with plate for baby nutrition and weaning course by nutritionist

Helpful Kitchen Tools

I couldn’t live without these silicone covers or brushes. They’re a huge time-saver in the kitchen. Here are some of my favorite tools that I hope you love too. 

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Books We Recommend

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Other SuperKids Nutrition Tools and Resources

If you’re busy and in need of a few time savers to keep the kids occupied while you’re working, here are some of our top recommendations for activities. Bonus – the kids will be learning some great nutrition skills and information along the way!


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