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Healthy Easter Activities for the Family

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Healthy Easter Activities for the Family

Get everyone moving at home this Easter with these fun Easter activities! All ages included in the games and celebrations!

Kids love playing and spending time with their parents, and they often model our behavior. The holidays are a great time to teach them how fun staying active can be! Start by trying one or two of these ideas this Easter.

Fun Easter Activities for the Whole Family

Egg Hunt

Take your traditional Easter egg hunt to the next level by replacing the egg-shaped chocolate with egg-shaped chalk. Place the chalk eggs in colorful mesh netting and tie with ribbon. Have a bunny-drawing contest together for outdoor family fun! You can also fill the eggs with more than just chocolate, and add in some non-candy items like stickers, temporary tattoos, erasers, bouncy balls, mini bubbles, trail mix, or popcorn. Take a look at our Easter basket ideas for even more non-candy fun!

Easter egg on a spoon race

Get everyone involved by making it a tag team event! Put a hardboiled egg on a spoon and race to the finish line where you pass it off to the next teammate.

Paddle Egg

Use a paddle or tennis racket to play paddleball, but replace the ball with a taped-up plastic Easter egg. Make it more challenging by putting a bouncy ball inside the egg. Don’t let the egg touch the ground!

Have a bunny hop contest!

There are lots of fun games the kids can play inside with limited space, or outside if you have a backyard. Put on some bunny ears, tape on a bunny tail, and have them hop down the hallway or driveway. Or have the kids waddle like ducks – have them squat down and hold their ankles and waddle across the yard. Play hot potato, but use a plastic Easter egg instead. Make it a competition and the winner gets to pick what to play next game night. Speed scrabble anyone?

Fun Family Easter Celebration Ideas with Food

Ditch some of the chocolate and other sugary candies and have a healthy home party for Easter this year! With COVID-19, you likely have the time to make it special. Use these junk food substitutions for some inspiration. Then get your kids moving too.

Let the kids make their own food bunnies.Bunny rabbit porridge breakfast food art for kids for a fun easter activity

Get circular sliced provolone, julienne style sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced carrot sticks, olives, and cherry tomatoes. Use the cheese for the face, two cucumber slices for the ears, a cherry tomato for the nose, carrot sticks for the whiskers, and olives for the eyes. You can also have them make bunny oatmeal with apple slices, chocolate chips, raisins, and jam! If the kids enjoy this food art, have them try other food activities or food art with the Super Crew!

Let the kids build their own fruit Easter baskets!

Use the small green plastic strawberry baskets with some basket paper filler. Put out round fruits like grapes, blueberries, clementine oranges, and baby apples. For more Easter basket themes, hop on over to Fun and Healthy Easter Basket Ideas.

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