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Diet-Free Weight Loss

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Diet-Free Weight Loss

Learn to identify healthy serving sizes and nutrient-dense foods to lose weight and eat a balanced diet with these diet-free weight loss tips.

However, for many people, knowledge is not enough to motivate behavior change. How can we move from knowing what we should be doing to actually doing it? The key is in focusing on one’s belief system and creating a deeper connection to the peace within.

Steps for Mindful Eating

One way to begin this process is to practice mindfulness, a moment-to-moment awareness without judgment. Mindful eating is an excellent way to practice this non-judgmental awareness.

  1. Start by eating one meal each day without any distractions; No TV, reading, or multitasking of any kind.
  2. Eat the meal with your complete attention and without labeling the meal as either good or bad. Simply experience the foods and take note of how you feel internally (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually) in relation to each bite.
  3. Be aware of any resistances you may have and feel those too. If, or when, the internal dialogue begins “I shouldn’t be eating this,” “This is bad,” “I’m so bad,” “I’m doing great,” “I’m eating lettuce,” let the thoughts go and return your attention to your inner experience. As long you stay with your internal feelings you will eat only as much as you need. If you find you’ve eaten more than your body needs, that’s okay, too, take the time to experience how that feels without passing any judgment.
  4. If there is any rebellion against this process or the little child in you comes out declaring “I want what I want, and I want it now!” be present to that feeling as you would with a small child. Have compassion for it. Discover what is underneath those behaviors and then redefine those belief systems.
  5. Write it down. Journaling is also a good method to process reactions, feelings, beliefs, and experiences that may arise.

Be patient and kind to yourself. This is a process. As you continue to practice being mindful of your eating, you will cultivate a deeper awareness and presence with all your interactions and in feeling the peace within. Try teaching your kids about eating with awareness with these top 10 Tips on Mindful Eating Steps and these Intuitive Eating Tips for Teens

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About the Author

Lori Montaigue, MA, RD

Lori Montaigue, MA, RD

Lori is a Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator currently based in Orange County, California. Lori maintains a private practice as a nutrition and lifestyle consultant and counselor.Offering a rare blend of scientific nutrition information along with psychological understanding and compassion, she assists individuals and groups to create insight, inner growth and behavioral change. She teaches and counsels weight-loss groups where she facilitates the creation and integration of holistic lifestyle change for permanent weight loss and health.She also very effectively counsels individuals with eating disorders, bipolar disorder, major depression, schizophrenia and personality disorders. She was also the nutrition consultant for the best-selling book SuperFoodsRx. Lori is a former marathon runner and triathlete.She now enjoys jogging with her dogs to maintain health, fitness, inner peace and joy.

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