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Summary: Interactive, multi-subject extension activities.

Details: This website offers individual classroom activities that can be implemented as a supplement to a variety of subjects. Grade levels are not indicated, but educators can easily adjust the material to fit classroom needs. Activities ranging from alphabetizing fruits and vegetables to taking student polls for nutrition related questions and graphing the results can be found on this website. These activities are fun extensions that require little preparation time and lots of student participation.

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About the Author

Solange Bushra Wasef, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and professor in the greater Los Angeles area. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Palomar College. Solange also has experience in nutrition writing, authoring presentations, creating weight-loss curriculum, weight counseling, and nutrition outreach through meal delivery programs for the homebound. Prior to teaching nutrition at the college level, she taught language arts and math to high school students.

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