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5 Fit Kid Secrets for Winter

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Struggling to keep you and your kids on track with healthy living during the holiday season?  If your goals are realistic and meaningful to you they will be possible to achieve. Healthy living now will also set the stage for a healthy and happy new year! You will set a good example if you prioritize fitness; every little bit counts, even if you can only squeeze in 15 minutes of activity. You can also pass on the extra cookie, or keep your portion sizes in check when enjoying your family’s favorite holiday treats.

Lead by Example

Move more on weekends: Avoid the couch potato rut on days off and make fitness activities your new routine instead. Try exer-gaming such as Wii-Fit, X-Box fitness, the Michael Jackson experience or Just Dance (or Dance Dance Revolution). Hold a competition for all your family members to improve their scores each day over winter break.

Get outside: when it’s not too cold- or just bundle up- go outside and ski, ice-skate, hike, sled or build a snowman. Don’t forget about the indoor skating, indoor rock climbing and play gyms that offer day passes to go in and climb, slide and have a ton of fun!

Give your pet some exercise: organize a neighborhood ‘Pooch Parade’ with your kids to get them outside and moving. Your neighbors- and dog!- might really appreciate this fun holiday activity, too.

Be a real role model: remember how much you truly influence your kids! Discuss with your kids about how their diet can boost their energy or weigh them down, depending upon what they eat, and can affect their short- and long-term health. Most of us don’t realize that the old saying “You are what you eat” really is true! Learn more ways to move as a family.

Teach your kids to say “no thank-you”:  you can decline when offered foods; it’s okay! If your family is very social the opportunities for overeating add up. So practice saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to maintain your social connections and activities as well as your waistline.

Choose the healthier option at parties and celebrations Your kids notice more than you think, so when you are deciding whether or not to have that extra helping of mashed potatoes, choose a bite-sized quiche or raw veggies with dip instead.  Eat the foods you want your child to eat.


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