Benefits of Blueberries

Want to help keep your kids’ minds sharp, their bones strong, and prevent chronic diseases? Learn about the benefits of blueberries! A blueberry’s sweet taste may make your little ones pop them in one-by-one like candy. But they have SO many more benefits than just being a healthy sweet treat. Blueberries are rich in polyphenols […]

Baby Meal Ideas with Baby-Safe Spices

Little baby eating fruit puree indoors

Here are savory and sweet meal ideas that include baby-safe spices and herbs to help boost flavor and nutrients in your infant’s diet. Are spices and herbs safe for baby? Yes! But wait until 6 months of age, when baby’s first foods are started! Did you know that many cultures add a spice of life […]

Eat the Rainbow: A Plate Packed With Phytonutrients

colorful foods to eat the rainbow

There is a lot of reasoning behind “eat the rainbow.” Check out the unique properties each color group of fruits and vegetables supplies. Eat the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. No, this is not a Skittles commercial. But the message is full of color. Different vibrant foods are packed with health benefits, not to mention their […]

7 Tips for Managing Picky Eaters

Adorable baby girl picky eater eating fresh vegetables; healthy eating for a baby

If your child is a picky eater, getting a healthy meal on the table is only half the battle. Check out these nutrition tips for picky eaters. New and unfamiliar foods can be frightening to children, and picky eating is especially common in the toddler years. Developmentally, this is a time when your child is […]

Organic Produce: Protecting Yourself from Pesticides

Young spinach leaves in isolated white background

If buying organic is a priority but your budget is limited, here are the foods you want to purchase as organic! The U.S. Department of Agriculture found that even after washing, some fruits and vegetables consistently carry much higher levels of pesticide residue than others. The Environmental Working Group developed the list of the “dirty dozen” fruits and […]

Making Family Time Active

Try these new solutions to get active and move more with your family in fun ways that everyone will enjoy! Does it feel like everyone in your family is always on the go and running off to different activities and events? Are you concerned about your weight, and perhaps even your children’s weight? If so, […]

Creating a Healthier Planet in Your Own Backyard

If gas prices make you anxious each time you roll into your local station, you’re not alone. Even with the price of gas significantly lower than last summer, do you ever wonder why they went up in the first place, or how you would survive such an increase again? Ever get the feeling that you need a degree in accounting […]


Jamberry, Jamberry is a joyful berry frenzy children’s book that will get your child excited about eating berries. by Bruce Degan This post contains an affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The link is noted with an asterisk (*) or Amazon image. What is this book about? Every once in a […]

Havoc at the Hillside Market

fun nutrition children books

If you’re in search of an adventure book with the Super Crew to learn about healthy foods you’re in the right place!    Book by Melissa Halas This is a super-fun, super-colorful adventure kids will love! Readers tag along with the Super Crew to help find Baby Abigail and Cinnamon in this action-packed story. Set at a […]