Mission Nutrition

https://www.missionnutrition.ca/missionnutrition/eng/educators/index.html Summary Nutrition education materials for K-8 using space-themed cartoon characters. Details This site provides entertaining printable lesson plans with interactive learning activities from a joint initiative of Dietitians of Canada and Kellogg Canada. The intergalactic Mission Nutrition team with Captain Kip, Glubber and Handy-Bot entertain the students while teaching valuable lessons about healthy eating, […]


https://www.kidshealth.org/kid/stay_healthy/index.html Summary Provides doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence including articles on healthy living written for kids. Details KidsHealth provides families with accurate up-to-date information on staying healthy for kids, teens, and parents. The kid-friendly articles are categorized under “Being Good to Your Body”, “Fabulous Food”, “Keeping Fit and Having Fun” and, “KidsHealth […]

Indiana Department of Education

Media Smart Youth Summary After school program that utilizes youth to promote healthy activity and eating pattern strategies. Ten lesson curriculums also included. Details The after-school program “Media Smart Youth: Eat, Think, and Be Active” is an after-school program for 11-13-year-olds offered by the National Institute of Health. In addition to this, there is a 10 lesson curriculum […]

Illinois Nutrition Education Resource

Website: www.kidseatwell.org Summary: Healthy eating and activity articles and activities provided by teachers and RDs for K-12 educators. Details: This site provides classroom articles and activities for K-12 educators to promote healthy eating and active lifestyle messages in the classroom. Activities from online tools to making healthy cafeteria choices are covered. Each activity is headlined with a clearly defined outcome […]

HotChalk, Inc

https://www.hotchalk.com/ Summary: Database of activities with a variety of approaches to teaching healthy activity and nutrition patterns. Details: This website consists of many lesson plans (Pre K-12) developed by students and faculty of the University of Missouri. Additional contributions were made by other educators and users of the websites. Lessons can be located by performing […]

Action for Healthy Kids

www.actionforhealthykids.org Summary: A website based on a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of children nationwide. Description: The website www.actionforhealthykids.org was designed as an online tool for the organization, “Action for Healthy Kids.” The non-profit organization works nationwide with schools to address obesity and undernourishment by focusing on nutrition, physical activity, and increasing children’s learning skills. The […]

YMCA Healthy Family Home

YMCA Healthy Family Home Summary: A website designed to encourage healthy lifestyle habits for the entire family. Details: The YMCA Healthy Family Home website is an excellent resource for people of all ages interested in taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle and overall better well being. When entering this website the user-friendly arrangement provides visitors […]

Education World

www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson054.shtml Summary: Interactive, multi-subject extension activities. Details: This website offers individual classroom activities that can be implemented as a supplement to a variety of subjects. Grade levels are not indicated, but educators can easily adjust the material to fit classroom needs. Activities ranging from alphabetizing fruits and vegetables to taking student polls for nutrition related questions and graphing the results can […]

Eat Better America

www.livebetteramerica.com Summary: A website for adults that offers simple ways to eat healthy. Details: Eat Better America is a website developed to do exactly that- help consumers eat better! This website offers educational materials to help people find and create healthy and delicious recipes. The website, which is free to join, displays hundreds of traditional homemade meals, then offers healthier […]