Eat the Rainbow: A Plate Packed With Phytonutrients

colorful foods to eat the rainbow

There is a lot of reasoning behind “eat the rainbow.” Check out the unique properties each color group of fruits and vegetables supplies. Eat the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. No, this is not a Skittles commercial. But the message is full of color. Different vibrant foods are packed with health benefits, not to mention their […]

Fruits Vs.Veggies … Texture, Size and Shape Matter

how to get kids to eat vegetables

Getting your kids to eat veggies and new healthy foods may be all about the texture! Parents often struggle with getting their kids to eat vegetables and wonder if fruit is just as good? Fruits contain many of the same vitamins and minerals as vegetables but in different proportions. It’s ideal for kids to get […]

Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Kids

A colorful diet adds more than just nutrient-packed compounds – it provides an abundance of flavor and visual appeal. Here are healthy school lunch ideas for kids that taste and look better. You’ve been there, you pack a lunch and it comes back with hardly a bite taken. After all your hard work making sure […]

Get Seasonal in Your Kitchen

Choosing fruit and vegetables that are locally grown and currently in season can save money and give you more nutritional benefits than out-of-season produce. Grocery shopping can be expensive, especially when it comes to produce. But serving your family a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables is such an important part of making sure they have […]

What to Include in Your Picnic Basket

When it’s sunny outside is there any better way to enjoy the weather than to get out of the house and under the trees for a picnic? Not only is it a great way to cool off or catch some fresh air but you can also enjoy healthy foods and quality time with family and friends. How do […]

Kid Friendly Nutrition Activities for You and Your Family

These three fun activities will help add color and essential nutrients to your family’s diet. Creating a Color Chart A color chart can be a great tool to use with children to evaluate and encourage a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables in their diet. Steps to Create a Color Chart: Write or type the following […]

How to Get the Most From Your Farmer’s Market

Eat healthier, be happier and inspire those you love to follow your healthy lifestyle habits by visiting your local Farmer’s Market. What you choose to eat is the most important step to overall health. Everyone can benefit from consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds to achieve better health. These basic, whole foods fuel the body with […]

Hey Parents… Eat Your Fruit and Veggies Too!

Studies have shown that children will mimic what their parents eat, so the key to change is up to you. “Be a good role model by eating your fruits and veggies, too! Actions speak louder than words, and your kids are watching you!” reports Liz Ward, MS, RD and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feeding Your Baby and […]

Getting Your Child to Like Fruits and Veggies (Again!)

When parents say their child doesn’t like fruits and vegetables, I try to imagine why. After all, didn’t that same little human being love eating pureed green beans, sweet potatoes, and applesauce as a 9-month old? If the answer is yes, there is hope. The biggest difference between green beans then and now is that […]