The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is a fantastic read to help your kids form healthy eating habits and to choose good foods that will fuel their bodies! Story by Eric Carle What is the book about? “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is a classic children’s story that I remember reading when I was a child and one that is still […]

One Red Apple

Story by Harriet Ziefert Ziefert pens a charming account of the life of an apple through the eyes of children in this almost good-enough-to-eat book. The story begins at an apple orchard, where the shiny red apple is picked and transported to the local market. From there, the crisp fruit is bought at a farm […]

The Bee Tree

Story by Patricia Polacco This beautifully illustrated children’s book tells the tale of Mary Ellen’s afternoon adventure to find the elusive bee tree and the sweet surprise hidden inside. Mary Ellen and Grampa set off on their journey throughout the Michigan countryside along with several friends who join the bee chase. They find themselves running, […]

Meatless Motivation

Ever wonder why vegetarians prefer not to eat meat or how many people call themselves vegetarians? Three percent of the US adult population prefer a meatless lifestyle, which translates to roughly 7 million people! These individuals have chosen to “go meatless” for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, their culture, food availability, […]

Food Safety 101

Learn these quick and easy tips for food safety to keep the whole family safe when preparing foods at home! The Food and Drug Administration defines foodborne illness as a sickness that occurs when people eat or drink harmful microorganisms (such as bacteria, parasites, viruses) or chemical contaminants found in foods or drinking water. According to […]

Kiwi and its Many Health Benefits

If you’re a kiwi fan, you’re not alone! This tasty fruit is a rich berry that packs a powerful nutritious punch for many health benefits! Where does the name come from? For this fruit, quite a lot! The kiwi, originally called the Chinese gooseberry and later the “sunny peach”, was renamed the kiwi by New […]

Superfoods: Cranberries

From great ways to eat them to their nutritional packed powers, cranberries are one superfood you’ll want to include in your family’s diet! The History of the Bouncing Berry Once called a “craneberry” due to its strong resemblance to a crane, this tart, tasty berry is a nutritional powerhouse that has been complementing holiday meals for […]