The SMART Way to Lose Weight

An important part of losing weight and changing your diet is planning a strategy to reach your goal. Setting effective goals is an important first step to make sure you will actually be able to attain and maintain your desired changes. Try Following the SMART Goal Framework Peter Drucker coined the “SMART” goal term in […]

Making Sense of Portion Sizes

Find out what a true portion size is and how you these combine to reach your child’s needs throughout the day! Portion sizes in the past 20 years have changed tremendously. Larger plates, cup holders, muffin tins and pizza pans are becoming the norm and now appear typical. But what exactly is a portion size? […]

I Can’t Believe How Many Calories Are in That Food!

As Americans, we are so accustomed to large portion sizes and high-calorie foods that we often don’t realize just how many calories we are consuming. Here are a few food items to test your calorie level knowledge. There are many things that can affect weight such as hormones, age, stress, and metabolism to name a […]

How a Very Low-Calorie Diet Can Make You Gain Weight

It’s easy to fall into the fad diet mentality, but a very low-calorie diet can make you gain weight! Here’s why calorie intake matters. Even with all the advances women have made, the superficial message of beauty and weight inundate us in the media every day.  The Weight Loss Industry Makes Billions The weight loss […]

Diet-Free Weight Loss

Learn to identify healthy serving sizes and nutrient-dense foods to lose weight and eat a balanced diet with these diet-free weight loss tips. However, for many people, knowledge is not enough to motivate behavior change. How can we move from knowing what we should be doing to actually doing it? The key is in focusing […]

A Soda a Day: How is it Affecting Your Weight?

Have you wondered how much soda impacts your health? Learn what the research says and the healthier choices you can make. Many people limit themselves to one soda a day especially those looking for a quick sugar or caffeine boost. However, new research shows that daily soda may be affecting your weight more than you […]

Are You Underestimating Your Portions?

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything right and you still can’t lose weight? It may be that you are underestimating what you are eating. Don’t feel bad, according to research studies, 80% of us underestimate our food intake and that includes dietitians. This is easy to do because portion sizes have gotten […]

Eight Secrets To Weight Loss Success

Weight loss…if we could just find the right diet we would achieve our goals, right? The sad truth is that weight-loss diets, for the most part, don’t work and are becoming a thing of the past. Research shows that 85-95% of dieters regain any weight they’ve lost within 3-5 years. Most diets simply dictate what […]