Saving the World, One Healthy Food at a Time!

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SuperKids Nutrition Kids Headquarters


Hey Kids!

This is the place JUST for YOU and your FRIENDS TOO! It’s playtime at the Super Crew Kids’ Site! With the Super Crew you’ll learn all about how to be a Super Kid!

Check it out… activities, fun facts, and the Super Crew waiting for you!

  • Meet the Super Crew and find out how you can grow super healthy too and learn about fueling up for awesome strength and energy to keep you playing hard.
  • Fun activities you can do with your friends and family.
  • Check out these fun coloring pages! Then find the hidden characters in the Super Crew books



Which fruits and vegetables can you name shown in the images of the Super Crew books?

Next try to find the hidden Super Crew characters in the pages above? Use the characters shown below to guide you. Have fun!