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The Super Crew Teaches Kids that Good Nutrition is Fun!

The Super Crew shows kids the benefits of cooking and learning about good nutrition. Our Super Crew educational materials, books, and activities aim to help kids learn more about nutrition and to try new foods. Specifically, our goals are to help your family or students create lifelong healthy habits through the following:

The Super Crew aim is to help support:

  • Adoption of positive attitudes towards a wide variety of healthy plant-based foods
  • Increased openness to tasting a wide variety of plant-based foods
  • Increased knowledge of the health benefits of specific plant-based foods
  • Incorporation of a wide variety of plant-based foods into kids’ diets

The Super Crew educational materials:

  • Provide multiple opportunities to try new foods
  • Encourage parent or caretaker role modeling and involvement in good nutrition
  • Help build a positive food environment within a child’s environment that encourages  plant-based foods

We aim to help parents and educators adopt the six core messages developed by the United States Department of Agriculture, which include the following:

  1. Role modeling is important – children learn by watching their parents and teachers.
  2. Role modeling is important – children take their lead from parents and teachers.
  3. Cooking together, eating together, and talking together makes mealtime a positive and memorable time.
  4. Let children serve themselves at mealtime. Teach them to take small amounts at first. Tell them they can get more if they are still hungry.
  5. Sometimes accepting new foods take time.  Kids don’t always take to new foods right away. Offer plant-based foods many times.  Give them a taste at first and be patient with them.
  6. Patience works better than pressure.  Offer new foods, then let them choose how much to eat.  Kids are more likely to enjoy a food when eating it is their own choice.

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About the Super Crew!

The Super Crew® characters are the heart and soul of SuperKids Nutrition Inc. The characters were created to help carry out the mission of SuperKids Nutrition Inc. by making good nutrition come to life in a fun and entertaining way that kids can relate to, enjoy, and model! They have been focus-group tested and approved by economically diverse kids, in a study funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Super CrewTM characters are a group of multicultural children, each of whom gets their superpowers by eating plant-based foods of a particular color family. Kids from Pre-K to elementary school express their love for the Super Crew by talking about new foods they’ve tried based on the characters’ actions.  The characters teach kids the importance of eating a variety of colorful, plant-based foods. Through positive role-modeling, the Super Crew has helped expand kid’s culinary horizons all over the nation, from learning how to make vegetable sushi rolls to learning about seasonal foods. Their powers extend far beyond being good role models for healthy eating. These diverse set of characters transcend race by delivering a message that all kids from every background can enjoy yummy, tasty, and healthy food!

Creating healthy habits early in life can help prevent chronic disease later. The Super Crew helps empower families and children to build healthy habits that last a lifetime! SuperKids Nutrition Inc.’s vision is a healthier America. There is no better place to start than with our very own children!

Browse our website to learn how to grow healthy kids, families, and communities. Check out our articles, learning activities, children’s book recommendation, the Super Crew® books and online education that will encourage your family and kids to be active and eat a variety of healthy foods every day!

Food manufacturers spend billions of dollars on marketing campaigns that target children with cartoons. At SuperKids Nutrition Inc., our goal is to help influence children to include more plant-based foods in their diet by learning from the positive actions of the Super Crew Kids. Marketing surveys have shown that animated characters can entice children to choose these healthier foods. Armed with this evidence, the Super Crew have stepped up to the plate to increase the appeal of foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, herbs and spices that will encourage your kids to eat more healthy foods on a frequent basis.

Let’s make healthy choices the new norm to create a healthier, stronger nation!

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