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5 Ways to Avoid Halloween Sugar Overload

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5 Ways to Avoid Halloween Sugar Overload

Looking for ways to avoid Halloween sugar overload? Here are tricks to still enjoy Halloween candy in a healthy way.

Are you worried about how much candy your kids eat each Halloween? Sometimes kids like to eat their Halloween candy over a few days, whereas others want it right away and will finish it that night. Luckily, there are ways they can enjoy their candy without sugar overload or reinforcement of unhealthy behaviors. Instead of taking full control by giving away or throwing out all of their candy, try these 5 ideas to meet them halfway!

Use it as a garnish on a shake

This frothy banana shake is oh-so-delicious and a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth in a healthy way. It pairs well with crumbled chocolate, caramel or nutty candy sprinkled on top. You’ll balance out the Halloween candy with the added bonus of healthy nutrients from fruit, soy, and spices!

Use the rationing strategy

With this technique, your kids are allowed to have a certain number of pieces each day – you decide how many. You can also time their candy distribution with snacks or meals to help avoid the sugar rush and to protect their teeth!

  • TIP: Find somewhere to store their candy that’s out of sight, like the back of a cupboard. With time, their candy cravings should fade. You can also stick it in the freezer for an extended shelf life.

Invite the Switch Witch to stop by your house

The Switch Witch is similar to the tooth fairy, but instead of collecting teeth from under children’s pillows, she collects candy in exchange for a neat prize! Think non-food rewards and prizes like stickers, erasers, pencils, books or small toys, something that your kid will enjoy long after Halloween has passed.

Mix it into trail mix, and bring it on a family hike

Again, this strategy is all about balance. Getting outside, exercising, and eating a nutritious snack with the candy is a healthy alternative to the typical post-Halloween candy overload. Bonus: everyone will be fueled and happy on your family hike!

Bake with it

Baking is a fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and can use up some of their candy at the same time. Chocolate candy is a tasty addition to these zingy ginger snaps. Swirl them into the mix, or put a couple of chunks of chocolate on top.

  • TIP: Here are more baking substitutions and ways to make your favorite baked goods recipes a little healthier.

Now that you have new ideas up your sleeve, use them to combat the sugar attack this Halloween. Try one or two of these healthier approaches to enjoy the sweet treats with everything else that Halloween has to offer. You’ll give your children the power of choice while creating a stress-free holiday for yourself as well!

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