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Nutrition Curriculum For Education

Class room and community education resources to help your programs succeed.

YMCA Healthy Family Home

Family On Cycle Ride In Countryside

Reviewed by: Kathleen Raysinger YMCA Healthy Family Home Summary: A website designed to encourage healthy lifestyle habits for the entire family. Details: The YMCA Healthy…

Easy Science for Kids


By: Eileen Kleinman Summary: Easy Science for Kids is a website for kids that make learning about science and geography enjoyable with fun activities, educational…



By: Natalie Rizzo Summary: Veggiecation is an English and Spanish nutrition and culinary education program that focuses on teaching school-age children the importance…

Washington Apple Education Foundation


By: Solange Bushra Wasef, MS, RD Summary: English (and some Spanish) materials focus on promoting healthy eating and activity messages for PreK and elementary…

US Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

By: Solange Bushra Wasef, MS, RD FDA Science and Our Food Supply Curriculum Summary: Food safety education materials for middle and high school students. Details:…

USDA/Food Safety and Inspection Service


By: Silje Mork Bjorndal Summary: Online nutrition color book for teaching children food safety at home, at school and when eating out. Details: The…

Two programs offered by the United States Department of Agriculture


By: Solange Bushra Wasef, MS, RD Power of Choice Summary: Low preparation activities for after-school programs geared towards empowering preteens to make healthy choices. Details: The Power…

The Leafy Greens Council


By: Silje Mork Bjorndal Summary: Education materials on leafy greens in many subjects for grades 3-5. Details: This site provides lesson plans in language…

San Bernardino County Department of Health


By: Solange Bushra Wasef, MS, RD Summary: English (and some Spanish) activities for the school and home are provided promoting consumption of at least…

California Raisins Rock – A Math and Science Lesson

Reviewed by: Brooke Sinclair Summary: A math and science integrative nutrition lesson featuring California Raisins geared towards Grade 4 but has adaptations available…

First School – Preschool Activities and Crafts


Reviewed by: Kathleen Raysinger Summary: Health and nutrition crafts and activities for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten-aged children Details: First-school website is targeted to teachers in the…


Reviewed by: Nazia Sadat Summary: Collection of activities for parents and children to learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Details: This website is a compilation of…

Nutrition in the Garden

By: Silje Mork Bjorndal Summary: Provides hands-on lessons for teaching children about nutrition through gardening and includes resources for starting school gardens. Details: This…

Nutrition Explorations

By: Solange Bushra Wasef, MS, RD Summary: Education materials for school and home using relatable characters for PreK to upper elementary students. Details: This…

Nourish Interactive

Reviewed by: Nazia Sadat Summary: A Nutrition education website that provides children and parents with online interactive games and lesson plans, to learn more…



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  • This after school snack was a hit today! Heirloom tomatoes from a neighbor's garden, raw yellow peppers, pre-cut mango slices and kefir.

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