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Summary: Collection of activities for parents and children to learn about nutrition and healthy eating.

Details: This website is a compilation of games and fun activities in which children can get involved to learn more about nutrition (5-10 years). One of the distinctive features of this website is that it offers articles for parents and children to read on the topics of nutrition and physical fitness. The interesting collections of recipes are healthy and kid friendly. The nutritional content of the food is listed as well.

Sample Articles: (for parents)

  • 10 Fun Fitness Activities to Suggest When Kids Say “I’m Bored!”
  • 10 Hot Tips for Investing in “Me Time:” The Whole Family Will Profit Four Steps for Helping an Overweight Child
  • Getting Kids Active-10 Minutes at a Time!
  • Give Your Child a High Five for Fiber

See our Nutrition and Weight Section to learn ways you can help prevent or help a child with weight concerns.


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About the Author

Nazia is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist living in Illinois. After completion of her Masters degree in 2009, Nazia worked as a dietitian in Illinois. She now works as an Adjunct Professor, teaching Medical Nutrition Therapy and acting as a student advisor, at Dominican University in River Forest, IL.

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