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Summary: Database of activities with a variety of approaches to teaching healthy activity and nutrition patterns.

Details: This website consists of many lesson plans (Pre K-12) developed by students and faculty of the University of Missouri. Additional contributions were made by other educators and users of the websites. Lessons can be located by performing a keyword search. Another alternative is to search by the subject matter and the grade level. A large benefit to this website is that with so many different contributors, various approaches to teaching nutrition and fitness can be used. Some of the lessons can even be combined or used as a spring board for your own ideas. Some background information is given, but additional research may be needed depending on the teacher’s level of comfort with the material. Lesson plan providers are identified by name but not credentials.


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Solange Bushra Wasef, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and professor in the greater Los Angeles area. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Palomar College. Solange also has experience in nutrition writing, authoring presentations, creating weight-loss curriculum, weight counseling, and nutrition outreach through meal delivery programs for the homebound. Prior to teaching nutrition at the college level, she taught language arts and math to high school students.

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