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This Is the Way We Eat Our Lunch

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Story by Edith Baer

The simple rhymes in this well-illustrated book take us through different regions of the United States, and then cross the ocean, to show us what children around the world are eating at lunchtime. From Ram in India enjoying his curry, to Flora gobbling up tamales in Colombia, to Mira enjoying hummus on pita, each page provides an interesting snapshot of a different lifestyle, and type of food. Why not share this book with your child before trying a new type of ethnic dish? The book provides three easy recipes for fruit salad, hummus, and wild rice soup that you could make together!

After reading this book with your child:

  • Prepare a new dish for your child from the recipes in the book, and have them help out while you make it.
  • Let your child point out foods that they have never had. Let them pick something new that they would like to try, and make it at home.
  • Take your child to the grocery store and point out new spices and foods that you read about in the book.

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Dr. Rachel Blaine, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and nutrition professor at California State University, Long Beach whose research focuses on child feeding etc. She received her doctorate at the Harvard School of Public Health. She has years of experience supervising community health programs, freelance writing, conducting research, and developing nutrition educational materials and curricula. When she’s not working, Rachel loves experimenting in the kitchen with her family, and being active in her church and community.

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