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What Happens to a Hamburger?

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by Paul Showers

What Happens to a Hamburger? takes readers through the process of digestion.  Beginning in the mouth and ending in the bathroom, every step in digesting food is explored. Informative diagrams, illustrations, and photos on each page help young readers to visualize what is going on in the body with each bite of food. How food is used in the body for energy, muscles, bones, teeth, growth, and maintenance is another theme of this highly educational story. This topic will challenge readers’ minds and stimulate thought. It is an excellent tool for teaching about what happens to the food you eat and how the digestive system turns food into energy.

Interactive activities within the book to try after reading (directions included):

  • How long is the Small Intestine?
  • How do the digestive fluids in your body affect food?
  • Why does sugar disappear in water?
    *For ages 5-9

To learn more on digestion and other nutrition concepts see Fun Learning Activities for Healthy Kids.

Teacher’s Tip: This is a great book for the class room as it provides activities which reinforce key concepts that could be easily added to a lesson plan.

What Happens to a Hamburger? by Paul Showers. Harper Collins Publishers Inc. New York: 2001

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