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Speaking Engagements

When it comes to workshops and speaking engagements, whethersmall and large, we have you covered – teachers, schools, and families.

SuperKids Nutrition frequently speaks to consumers, businesses, health professionals, community groups, and schools. Whether speaking to a small group or to hundreds of people, the passion and energy of our speakers engage our audiences and provide actionable real-life information. Contact us with your topic needs, or request a topic from our frequently-given program list below.

Nutrition Workshops

Our interactive and hands-on workshops are designed to introduce and reinforce healthy eating. Melissa Halas, SuperKids Nutrition Founder, uses her gift of translating science into simple terms and educates her audience by bringing them into the conversation. SuperKids Nutrition’s dietitians share this passion and talent, helping to get their audiences quickly on their way to better health and eating habits.

Teacher/Professional Development Workshops

Improving Your School’s Food Environment (Offered nationally):

Your school may offer healthy foods, have a solid health education curriculum, and/or provide an excellent wellness policy. But if your school’s faculty is hesitant to change their in-school health habits, your policies will be difficult to implement. Your school is certainly not alone, and there are practical solutions! We offer a specialized workshop, tailored for schools that need that “extra push.” We focus on providing teachers with nutrition knowledge and confidence in their own eating and exercise habits so that they can act as role models for their students. Such support helps to garner better acceptance and participation among teachers. Our workshops, which can include administrators, teachers, and students (if desired), aim to unite all individuals in the school to reach the goal of building a healthier school environment. Everybody wins!

Eating Healthy & Making Good Nutrition Fun During Preschool and Daycare (Offered Los Angeles/New York City):

Did you know that most kids’ food habits for life are formed by age 6? What is your childcare serving its students? Are cheese doodles and 10 a.m. cookies offered as snacks or rewards for class participation? If your school needs a healthier snack rotation, guidance or education on how foods affect your child’s learning or ideas, we can help instill positive eating habits for life! Learning which foods are good for the body, right down to the genetic level, is an integral part of education. Find out how offering healthy foods doesn’t need to compromise your budget, and how it can improve the overall health and well-being of your young students.

School Children Workshops (Ages pre-k to 5th grade)

The Super Crew® Eats the Colors of the Rainbow: (Available in Los Angeles and New York City):

This interactive class teaches children about healthy eating through the Super Crew® group of superhero kids who get powers from eating healthy colorful foods. This workshop engages children in a fun, relatable way.

Adjustable curriculum – Pre-K to Grade 5.

Eat the Right Foods! (Available in Los Angeles and New York City, including surrounding areas):

This is an interactive approach to choosing a wide variety of colorful foods with the Super Crew color tracker and hands-on activities! Your students will become food label detectives by deciphering food fact codes, participating in the heart-healthy highway, and evaluating the sugar in their diets with another cool kid-friendly activity. Get your students excited about eating healthy and feeling great!

Adjustable curriculum – Ages 6-12 years old

Family and Educator Workshops

Eating Healthy Rocks! For Families and Educators (Available in Los Angeles and New York City, including surrounding areas. Offered Nationally as a Webinar):

We will show you how to get kids enthusiastic about healthy eating. After participating in this workshop, you will understand which foods maximize growth and development, and minimize children’s genetic risk factors. Learn how to teach healthful eating to children and give unhealthy foods some healthy competition. Find out how parental eating habits influence a child’s eating habits in the long run, and the steps to take to raise a healthy family.

Eating Lessons and Super Foods for Infants & Young Children For Families and Educators (Available in Los Angeles and New York City, including surrounding areas. Offered Nationally as Webinar):

Learn how early feeding experiences shape lifelong food preferences and eating behaviors, and discover how specific foods can provide amazing health benefits. Did you know that lemons provide anticancer fighting properties and cabbage may help fight off viruses? You’ll learn family mealtime dos and don’ts that promote healthy eating, and will understand the importance of introducing a variety of health-enhancing foods for optimal growth and development.

Baby’s First Foods For Families and Educators (Available in Pasadena and surrounding areas, and New York City):

This fun and interactive workshop helps moms, dads, and caretakers make the right first steps to introducing solid foods with ease and creativity! Learn how to recognize the signs your baby is ready to eat, master food safety tips, and discover new mealtime solutions.

Feeding your Toddler and Preschool Child For Families and Educators (Available in Los Angeles and New York City):

Children’s eating habits develop early. As your child gains independence, creating a fun and healthy approach to snack and mealtime will save you time and energy, and will help to avoid food struggles. Learn how your food choices impact your children’s choices, and learn quick and easy solutions to mealtime dilemmas.

Pregnancy Nutrition – Giving Your Baby the Best Growing Environment:

Did you know that during pregnancy your diet can help shape your baby’s taste preferences, brain development and health later in life?  Learn simple steps you can take to de-stress from all the questions about what to eat. Find out which fish is safe, which cheese you can eat and how much caffeine you can safely consume?  Find out how to plan now for healthy and realistic post-pregnancy eating. Let SuperKids Nutrition take the guesswork out of your diet and help you create the best growing environment for your baby to be!

Testimonials for Speaking Engagements

“Thank you, Melissa from SuperKids Nutrition, for coming to Hamilton Elementary during Red Ribbon week.  What a super-charged assembly!  You kept the kids engaged and having fun all the while getting them to think about the daily food choices they should make.  Way to energize our kids!”
–Maria Karp, Hamilton Elementary PTA Assembly Chair.

“Melissa is a great speaker!  She’s very knowledgeable about all types of foods from fruits and vegetables to packaged foods.  She has a great understanding of the nutritional challenges today’s families face and she provides realistic solutions and recipes.”
–Judy Harding Rivera, Preschool Mother

“Melissa has the gift of knowing what her audience needs to hear. Whether speaking to a senior audience on healthy eating tips or leading the weekly Weight-Fit class for the hospital employees, she offered fresh ideas, the latest well-researched dietary information, a wonderful sense of humor and a “you CAN do this” positive attitude. She was our cheerleader, coach and mentor all in one.” 
–Patty Watson-Wood, RN, BSN

“We truly enjoyed having Melissa Halas as a presenter for our member webinar.  Due to her excitement and energy in preparing for and giving the presentation, we had a much larger turnout!”  
—Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG

“Over the years I have read countless books and attended numerous group meeting and lectures on weight loss and healthy eating. Your lectures finally turned on the light for me, and now it all makes sense. I have successfully changed my habits, lowered my blood sugar levels and dropped the unwanted pounds without medication. I attribute the lion’s share of my success to the clarity and enthusiasm you brought to the Healthy Lifestyles lectures.” 
–Lisa Reese, Pasadena California

“Melissa is a dietitian- entrepreneur with creativity and energy that infect all who come into her presence. Her passion for evidence-based nutrition and medical science is reflected in her research, writing, seminars, and lectures and in her personal life. Her lectures are riveting, her power-point presentations visually stimulating, organized and creative. Her ability to keep an audience’s attention is amazing. Best of all people’s lives are changed by not only her knowledge but her ability to motivate and make lifestyle possibilities a reality!”
–Joanne Lamberty, RD, CDE

“Your knowledge of the matter and the style of your presentations are qualities that make you a very dynamic speaker. You present practical information that can be easily applied in day-to-day clinical practice. Your energy and enthusiasm motivates us as dietitians to perform at a higher level.”
–Leah Kurihara, RD

“I attended numerous presentations that Melissa gave, and each one was dynamic! She possesses a world of knowledge! Melissa teaches with such an enthusiastic conviction that her instruction remains with me on my lonely walks through the grocery aisles. I can envision her speaking as though she was by my side, helping me make the best selection of foods that will impress my family!”
–Marcela Garcia, Librarian

“I really loved your presentation at the Tavis Smiley Health Fair. We learned so much about nutrition. The children had a lot of fun answering your questions. Thank you for the wonderful presentation!” 
–Victoria Lee, Los Angeles

“I came into Melissa’s class knowing how to “diet” but what I was looking for was how to maintain a lifestyle. Melissa’s class taught me the importance of all the food groups. Balance and moderation are the keys. Chocolate, cheese and bread can be part of a healthy diet.”
–Margo Boss, Physical Therapist

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