I'm Melissa Halas, Founder, Registered Dietitian, and mom, inspiring healthy living that’s easy, tasty, and fun!

Transforming the Way America’s Kids & Families Eat

Transforming the Way America’s Kids & Families Eat

At SuperKids Nutrition, we believe in growing healthy kids, families, and communities by providing trusted nutrition and fitness content to parents nationwide. Unfortunately, many kids still aren’t getting enough real wholesome foods in their diets. Kids and parents alike want tasty foods that are easy to make. That’s where we come in. We provide fun activities, recipes, curriculums, and tools for parents and kids to boost intake of real, healthy, whole foods!

Our reach

  • Over 35K unique monthly website visitors
  • Over 12K followers on Facebook
  • Over 22.8K monthly followers on Pinterest
  • Over 1400 followers on Instagram
  • Over 1000 followers on Twitter

We are the trusted nutrition experts!

We practice evidence-based nutrition and translate the science of nutrition into tangible, fun, and realistic tips. We are listed on many government, cooperative extension, pediatric clinic, childhood foundations, life science college websites, .edu and .org websites as a credible source of nutrition content, and are featured as an excellent resource in state, county, and library, health and wellness programs, and toolkits. Examples of our client work include:

  • Developed educational materials and intervention for a Center for Disease Control and Prevention-funded grant and many other change-driven organizations.
  • Consulted as a nutrition expert for new product launches or reformulation including age ranges from toddler to college age.
  • Health messaging, product integration, recipe development, and photography, extensive meal planning for a variety of food companies and .org.
  • Creating trusted content for your site or your brand.

Ways we can help promote your whole food:

  • Website placement of your food in a recipe, meal plan, or article
  • Printable recipe activities, handouts, placemats, curriculum development, and co-branded booklets featuring the Super Crew
  • Free downloadable informative guides
  • Digital promotion through social media, newsletters, and partners
  • Expert dietitian for presentations, webinars, conferences
  • Co-branding opportunities with the Super Crew books, including the newly published Super Crew Breakfast Cookbook for Kids, 50 Tasty Recipes + 100 Nutrition Activities
  • Videos on YouTube, your site, and in social media
  • Affiliate links to your healthy food which aligns with our mission
  • Assistance with claim compliance, evidence-based guidelines, and nutrition analysis
  • Product endorsements (subject to review)
  • Product health improvement

Melissa Halas

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Hi, I’m Melissa, America’s trusted nutrition advisor. I’ve been a dietitian for 20 years, currently serving as’s parent nutrition expert, was a past childhood obesity TEDMED panel expert and I’m founder of At SuperKids Nutrition, we love creating fun nutrition recipes, activities, and tools that transform the way kids and families eat! As the first kid’s nutrition mega-site, which started in 2006, we remain the trusted, dietitian-approved, go-to source for parents, teachers, and health educators for all things kids and family nutrition. We have over a thousand fun and informative content items to inspire kids and parents to eat and live healthily!  Let’s work together to bring balance and real food to America’s plate.


Here’s a snapshot of some of our handouts, but don’t’ miss out on all of our articles on our site too! – Contact Us

Making a difference together

We are driven by making a positive difference in the health of kids and families everywhere. We like to partner with companies and organizations that share our vision of creating a healthier world with nutritious foods and campaigns. Our site offers content from pregnancy to college age. Check out a recent video here, to meet Melissa on the Hallmark Channel.



The Super Crew are featured on more than 5,000 school websites across 40 states, are found on posters, and appear in school curriculums. They are also featured in a national program with the American Institute for Cancer Research – Healthy Kids Today!

For kids up to middle school, we offer activities featuring the Super Crew. The Super Crew kids get their special powers from eating colorful, plant-based foods, which are naturally low in sodium and high in nutrients. Research shows that utilizing cartoon characters is an effective way to get kids to select and enjoy healthier foods. Children and parents across the country already love the Super Crew characters! The Super Crew have been positively received with both high and low-income children in focus group testing through a Center for Disease Control (CDC) funded study.

Testimonials of SuperKids Nutrition & Melissa’s Work

“We have worked with Melissa for over five years on a broad range of nutrition-related projects from developing evidence-based toolkits and writing blogs to presentations and media work.  Melissa is passionate about good health for all.  She comes to the table with enthusiasm, high energy, and professionalism.  She ensures her nutrition expertise is based on up-to-date research and uses best practice to craft creative but scientifically accurate messaging for parents and kids.  She is a delight to work with – responsive, thoughtful, and truly collaborative.” 

– Deirdre McGinley-Gieser, Senior Vice President, Programs & Strategic Planning American Institute for Cancer Research

Melissa Halas…where do I start?! An amazing woman, mother, Registered Dietitian, author, speaker, business person…and I am proud to say, a friend. She is a role model for all of us, loves what she does, and does what she loves. She pours her all into helping kids learn to eat healthily and to stay fit through her awesome brand and Melissa is a joy to work with and has been a trusted voice, contributor, and source of healthy inspiration for over a decade for the School Nutrition and Fitness websites. There are over 5,000 sites that are relied upon by School Nutrition Departments throughout the United States. Her inspiring Super Crew lesson plans, activities, parent newsletters, and articles touch and enrich the lives of millions of students and parents daily. Melissa is positive, professional, and gets the job done. Melissa Halas and SuperKids Nutrition elevate a client’s image, turning brand perception into a healthful and credible reality.”

– Mike Borges, President, ISITE Nutrition

“Melissa is an amazing brand partner and a forward-thinking dietitian. She goes above and beyond to deliver thoughtful, research-based work that will elevate her clients’ nutrition profile with consumers and health influencers alike. She is well-respected in the nutrition community, and her ideas translate to a variety of different audiences to drive impactful results. And to top it off, she is a joy to work with! Melissa’s passion for her work is infectious and unparalleled.”

– Amber Wilson, MS, RD, Vice President, Ketchum

“Melissa teaches students how to accurately and concisely transform the science into layman terms.  She engages students with humor, creative lessons, and countless real-world examples. Melissa is a warm, accessible, and enthusiastic teacher that knows how to connect with students and motivate them to be better writers and nutrition professionals. She receives accolades from the class year after year for her great teaching style.”

– Randi L. Wolf, Ph.D., MPH Associate Professor of Human Nutrition, Teachers College, Columbia University

“I first worked with Melissa when she was a clinical nutrition manager, and she helped organize a Healthy Dining Extravaganza at Huntington Hospital. She made sure it was a sold-out event with media attending. Most recently, our company partnered with Melissa/SuperKids Nutrition on a CDC funded project. Melissa worked seamlessly with our team and Tufts University to develop the nutrition education materials for kids ages 3-11 featuring the Super Crew kids. Her creative approach to kids nutrition is fun, effective, and engaging! Melissa directed the creation and production of the Super Crew toys, which were used as incentives in the project. Additionally, Melissa’s roles were to oversee the design and printing of the educational materials, including search, validation, and oversight of suppliers, including the toy manufacturer, which was overseas. Melissa’s quality and attention to detail in every phase of the project were exemplary. We hired Melissa for her childhood nutrition expertise but ended up getting a whole lot more! Since that project, Melissa has provided valuable insights into other aspects of our business, and I deeply appreciate her contributions to our nation’s children.”

– Anita Jones-Mueller, CEO Healthy Dining

“I have worked with Melissa for several years now, and I can say with 100% certainty she is a go-getter. She is full of great ideas, is very driven and passionate about furthering the field of nutrition, and is a great overall asset. One thing that impresses me the most is her networking skills. It seems she is almost constantly working to further herself by connecting with new people every day. This has proven extremely useful for my company.

 – Dimitri Onyskow, Educational Fitness Solutions, Director

Learn more about Melissa and SuperKids Nutrition

Looking for more than just kids?

  • See how Melissa’s blog can extend our partnership to a new audience. When parents visit Melissa’s Healthy Living they have themselves in mind. This content is specifically for adults wanting to eat healthily, live more fit, and feel their best every day!
  • “I found that parents who learn how to prioritize their health and are more active become more invested in their kids’ health and family meals, so I started a nutrition and fitness blog for adults.” -Melissa

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