Delicious Nectarine Benefits

nectarines on tree for nectarine benefits

Learn about nectarine benefits and how to include this tasty fruit in your family’s diet. Did you know that California grows over 95% of the nectarines produced in the United States? They are generally available from April to late August at the market, making summer the perfect time to enjoy a juicy nectarine. While this sweet fruit […]

Benefits of Blueberries

Want to help keep your kids’ minds sharp, their bones strong, and prevent chronic diseases? Learn about the benefits of blueberries! A blueberry’s sweet taste may make your little ones pop them in one-by-one like candy. But they have SO many more benefits than just being a healthy sweet treat. Blueberries are rich in polyphenols […]

Buckwheat a Gluten-Free Super Food

little boy eating buckwheat cereal porridge

Yes, buckwheat is, in fact, gluten-free and is a nutrition powerhouse! Learn about the fine points of buckwheat — what it is, how to eat it, and why it’s good for us. Even though buckwheat has “wheat” in its name, it doesn’t actually contain any wheat (which is where we find the protein gluten). This […]

Challenged by a Finicky Eater in Your House?

little girl finicky eater not wanting to eat food at table in white bowl -

Do you have a finicky eater in your house that makes it difficult to choose which meals to make? Here are some common struggles parents face, and how to deal with them. The Pitfall of a Beige Diet. Are chicken nuggets and French fries at the top of your finicky eater’s favorite food list? It […]

Chia – Why, What and How?

Learn what chia seeds are, their numerous health benefits, and how they can be added to a variety of kid-friendly snacks and meals! What are Chia Seeds? Salvia hispanica L., more commonly known as the chia seed, is an ancient seed traditionally used in folk medicine. The seed was believed to have healing properties for […]

Kale Vs. Spinach

kale vs spinach image with both greens in bowls

Kale has become a very popular leafy green, but how does it stack up when compared to spinach? Find out the truth about kale vs spinach. After trying some of my kale and mango salad (see recipe below), my mother-in-law asked me if kale was really better than spinach. With the increased popularity of kale over […]

Walnuts – What, Why, and How?

closeup image of walntus

Learn about this powerful nut and all of the health benefits it has to offer! What are walnuts? Walnuts are a nut grown on trees that are jammed packed with brain, heart and lung powering nutrients. Did you know the following fun facts? 99% of the US walnut production is concentrated in California. The English […]

Super Snacks for Your Super Kid

Try these easy and nutritious solutions to keep your children’s minds and bellies happy. Imagine it’s 10 am and your child wants a snack.  Before you grab that conveniently packaged cookie, stop and think for a minute. Do you really want to feed your child a snack of artificial food additives, sugar, and refined flour?  Or, does feeding […]