The Truth About Trans Fat

When it comes to dietary fats, not all fats are created equal. Trans fat has recently been identified as the most harmful of all dietary fats, and for good reason. Before we dissect trans fats, it’s important to understand how it fits into the bigger picture. Is all fat created equal? Fat is an important component […]

Variety Spices Up the Farmers’ Market

Farmers Markets are full of local, great quality, fresh produce and foods waiting for you! Boasting hundreds of varieties of produce and amazing customer service, farmers’ markets connect people in their communities with locally grown produce. Farmers’ markets are gaining popularity. Since 2008, the number of farmers markets in the US has nearly doubled, from 4,685 to […]

Healthy, Fun Snacks and Desserts for the Whole Family

Are you looking for ways to fuel your family the proper (and delicious) way? I am frequently asked “What should I give my child for a snack?” That is a great question because snacks are important, particularly for our busy children who participate in after school activities and weekend sports. Snacks are essential because they refuel our bodies […]

Get Seasonal in Your Kitchen

Choosing fruit and vegetables that are locally grown and currently in season can save money and give you more nutritional benefits than out-of-season produce. Grocery shopping can be expensive, especially when it comes to produce. But serving your family a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables is such an important part of making sure they have […]

My Child Has Type 2 Diabetes: What Do I Do Now?

Has your child recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Here’s what you should know. The diagnosis of diabetes hits parents hard. Questions arise. Are they sure of the diagnosis? What is going to happen to my child? How did this happen? Perhaps guilt starts to overshadow one’s thoughts and fear sets in. Take a moment to gather […]

The SMART Way to Lose Weight

An important part of losing weight and changing your diet is planning a strategy to reach your goal. Setting effective goals is an important first step to make sure you will actually be able to attain and maintain your desired changes. Try Following the SMART Goal Framework Peter Drucker coined the “SMART” goal term in […]

Dianne Fagan, RD, CDN

We caught up with nutrition expert Dianne Fagan, RD, CDN, who practices in New York focusing on children, teens and the issues they face when confronted with food choices and changing nutritional needs. She shared some tips with us on kids eating habits, peer pressure with food choices, motivation to make healthier choices and talking […]