Top Ten Mindful Eating Steps to Teach Kids

Maximize your children’s mindfulness and relationship with food for a more enjoyable food environment for your family! We all want our children to eat healthy meals. We want them to eat more fruits and vegetables, to like whole grains, to eagerly chomp down on fish and other healthy proteins, and to drink more milk. AND […]

Using Candy as a Reward Leaves a Very Bad Taste

healthy rewards for kids

Many adults give food rewards to children to reinforce good behaviors, but is this the best choice? Let’s take a closer look at how this influences their other behaviors and what it means for their health. I recently received a copy of a letter sent home to parents by the principal of an elementary school. In […]

Healthy, Happy Families: Try These Six Tips

Incorporate these six tips into your family’s lifestyle, and in only a few weeks you may notice that you and your kids may drop a few pounds while your energy levels increase. One of my neighbors and her husband started a weight loss program one year ago. Together, they have lost over 80 pounds. More importantly, by […]

TV and its Link to Obesity

Simple ways to avoid too much TV time and to get active as a family to prevent obesity! Ninety-nine percent of American households own at least one television, and each person watches an average of four hours of TV per day. This equals about two months of non-stop television watching per year. About 4,000 studies have been done […]

Prevent Obesity in Your 2 to 4 Year-Old Child

During the preschool years, take advantage of the great influence you have on the eating and activity environment of your little one. Toddlers quickly take on the eating habits around them-which explains why the most common eaten vegetable of 2 year olds is French fries! Another important change at this age is preschoolers are beginning […]

Does Your Child Make The Grade?

Take this short quiz to find out how your child’s eating habits compare to current recommendations. 1. How many servings of whole-grain bread, cereal, rice, or pasta does your child eat per day? A. 3 or more B. 1-2 C. None 2. How many servings of fruits and vegetables does your child eat per day? A. 5 or more B. 2-4 C. […]