7 Tips for Managing Picky Eaters

Adorable baby girl picky eater eating fresh vegetables; healthy eating for a baby

If your child is a picky eater, getting a healthy meal on the table is only half the battle. Check out these nutrition tips for picky eaters. New and unfamiliar foods can be frightening to children, and picky eating is especially common in the toddler years. Developmentally, this is a time when your child is […]

Getting Kids to Eat What You Cook

Photo of a smiling african american father and daughter baking in the kitchen and having fun.

Challenged with getting your kids to eat what you cook? You’re not alone! Here are some strategies that dietitians recommend.  I love this saying by Buddy Hackett: “As a child, my family’s menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it.” Imagine how simple dinnertime would be if we all stuck to this rule. Instead, […]

25 Tips for Your Picky Eater

kid of color smelling jam for food ideas for picky eaters - SuperKidsNutrition.com

Getting your picky eater to try new foods can be a major challenge. Start with these food ideas for picky eaters. Luckily, there are several ways you can change your child’s habits. If one way doesn’t work, try another. Use this as a time for exploration and have fun with your kid along the way […]

Challenged by a Finicky Eater in Your House?

little girl finicky eater not wanting to eat food at table in white bowl - SuperKidsNutrition.com

Do you have a finicky eater in your house that makes it difficult to choose which meals to make? Here are some common struggles parents face, and how to deal with them. The Pitfall of a Beige Diet. Are chicken nuggets and French fries at the top of your finicky eater’s favorite food list? It […]

How to Problem-Solve “Food Fights”

Planning and cooking a nutritionally balanced meal can seem futile if you have picky eaters. Check out our solutions to the most common “food fights.” You spend over half an hour planning and cooking a nutritionally balanced meal, and you hope the meal will be a big success. Then, all your efforts seem futile when […]

Fruits Vs.Veggies … Texture, Size and Shape Matter

how to get kids to eat vegetables

Getting your kids to eat veggies and new healthy foods may be all about the texture! Parents often struggle with getting their kids to eat vegetables and wonder if fruit is just as good? Fruits contain many of the same vitamins and minerals as vegetables but in different proportions. It’s ideal for kids to get […]

Fun & Unique Ways to Serve Vegetables to Your Family

Getting your family to eat their vegetables can be a challenge. However, there are many fun and creative ways to serve vegetables, some sneaky, some not. Some days, it seems nothing will compete with mac & cheese and french fries. Make sure your kids get all the valuable benefits veggies offer—like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a […]

10 Yummy Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love!

In more ways than one, eating a nutritious breakfast is crucial for maintaining health and energy in kids and adults. Breakfast improves cognitive functioning, leads to healthier food choices throughout the day, and refuels the body to kick-start metabolism. However, mornings can be challenging, as the weekday flurry of getting kids up and ready for […]

How to Problem-Solve “Food Fights”

You spend over half an hour planning and cooking a nutritionally balanced meal, and you hope the meal will be a big success. Then, all your efforts seem futile when your toddler refuses to eat. Solving the problem of your child’s “food fights” begins with answering these 7 questions: Does your child have a hard […]