Jamberry, Jamberry is a joyful berry frenzy children’s book that will get your child excited about eating berries. by Bruce Degan This post contains an affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The link is noted with an asterisk (*) or Amazon image. What is this book about? Every once in a […]

Pancakes For Breakfast

by Tomie DePaola Set in the country, “Pancakes for Breakfast” is a story of a lady who wakes up one cold winter morning and decides to make warm pancakes. While originally published in l978, it remains a delightful, timeless lesson on how pancakes are really made. There’s not a frozen package or mix box in […]

Growing Vegetable Soup

by Lois Ehlert Having trouble getting your child to eat veggies? Then this is the book for you. “Growing Vegetable Soup” is a child’s impressive first lesson in gardening, vegetable varieties, harvesting, cooking preparation, following a recipe, and nourishment. Lois Ehlert’s elementary, labeled paintings in wildly vivid colors add to the magic. Her straight-forward directions make it all […]