Hydrating Your Child or Teenage Athlete

fluid needs of athletes teens and kids

Learn how to teach your teen how to hydrate before, during, and after events with these youth sports hydration guidelines.  Hydration is something you don’t want to overlook for young athletes. A few starter tips to ensure your child is ready for the heat and humidity is hydrating before and giving them time to adjust to […]

Boost Hydration with Coconut Water Popsicles

coconut water popsicles

If you find you’re always reminding your kids to drink more water, boost hydration with coconut water popsicles. Fruity coconut water popsicles can boost hydration and be a refreshing treat. Popsicles never fail to please! These are great to eat on their own or add to a tall glass of water. Fruit Flavored Coconut Water Popsicles […]