Nourish Interactive

Website: Summary: A Nutrition education website that provides children and parents with online interactive games and lesson plans, to learn more about nutrition. Details: This website is fun and interactive for parents as well as children between the ages of 4-8 years. It has an education page which leads parents and children to learn about nutrition […]

Oliver’s Fruit Salad

by Vivian French Fruit is yummy! That is what Oliver, the main character, learns in this book. This book is about a little boy whose grandfather grows fruit. Oliver believes that his grandfather’s  fruit is the best; however, he will never eat any fruit. In the book, Oliver helps make a colorful fruit salad and […]

Eat Your Peas

Story by Kes Gray This fantastically colorful book depicts a dinnertime battle between a girl named Daisy and her mom. If there’s one thing Daisy will not eat, it’s her peas! What will it take to get her to eat her vegetables? A zoo, ninety-two chocolate factories, all the rocket ships she wants, or no […]