Obesity Prevention Starts Early in Your 9 Months – 2 Year Old Child!

The seeds of childhood obesity are planted early! The good news is that there are many things you can do to nip being overweight in the bud. 9 Months – 2 Years As babies transition to table food, it’s time to ask-is your family’s diet one you’d like copied? If not, take a closer look […]

Worried About Your Child’s Weight? Ask the Right Questions

If you’re worried about your baby or toddler’s weight, knowing what to ask at the check-up is important. Each time your baby or toddler goes for a well-child visit, your health care provider will plot his height and weight on a growth chart. (You can find a CDC growth chart that corresponds to your child’s sex […]

Prevent Obesity in Your 2 to 4 Year-Old Child

During the preschool years, take advantage of the great influence you have on the eating and activity environment of your little one. Toddlers quickly take on the eating habits around them-which explains why the most common eaten vegetable of 2 year olds is French fries! Another important change at this age is preschoolers are beginning […]