The Truth About Trans Fat

When it comes to dietary fats, not all fats are created equal. Trans fat has recently been identified as the most harmful of all dietary fats, and for good reason. Before we dissect trans fats, it’s important to understand how it fits into the bigger picture. Is all fat created equal? Fat is an important component […]

Making Sense of Portion Sizes

Find out what a true portion size is and how you these combine to reach your child’s needs throughout the day! Portion sizes in the past 20 years have changed tremendously. Larger plates, cup holders, muffin tins and pizza pans are becoming the norm and now appear typical. But what exactly is a portion size? […]

Jo Ann Tatum Hattner, MPH, RD and Probiotics

Hear what nutrition expert Jo Ann Tatum Hattner, MPH, RD has to say about including probiotics in your child’s diet. Based on her pediatric practice and current research from her book Gut Insight, you’ll learn just how easy it is for your children to reap the health benefits for their growing immune systems. What should […]

Interview with Andrea Giancoli, MPH, RD

SuperKids Nutrition spoke with school nutrition and policy expert and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, Andrea Giancoli, MPH, RD about the hot topic of School Lunch. Jamie Oliver has been making some great changes to the school food service programs in West Virginia. What are some of the changes that you have made to […]