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The Plant-Based Boost, Nutrition Solutions for Athletes and Exercise Enthusiasts


By: Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE

No matter what type of athlete or exercise enthusiast you are, or the intensity of your training or exercise program, this book will help you understand the benefits of plant-based proteins and plant-based foods for your unique goals. This book offers the latest research on sports nutrition and how to boost plant-based foods for athletic performance and optimal health. It includes best practices for competitive athletes as well as helpful food and fitness insights for exercise enthusiasts.

Whether you’re an omnivore trying to eat less meat or a vegan trying to improve nutritional balance, we’ll guide you through meal and snack strategies to implement before, during, and after exercise. You’ll learn about protein quality and dosing, types and amounts of carbohydrates to target, the benefits of healthy fats, and fluid and electrolyte strategies for adequate hydration. You’ll also read about food sources with performance-boosting phytochemicals, effective ergogenic aids, and common athletic supplements (both good and bad) – most of which you can (and should!) use to your advantage.

You’ll gain practical nutrition advice through our easy-to-understand charts and tips that will help you customize this up-to-date information in a way that will help you optimize your fueling techniques to perform and feel your very best every day.

On Forbes’ list for The Best Fitness and Nutrition Books of 2019


“The Plant-Based Boost: Solutions for Athletes and Exercise Enthusiasts does a wonderful job providing the active reader with an introduction into plant-based eating and plant-based proteins. It gives you the why and the how when it comes to incorporating more plant-based proteins into your diet with easy to follow meal plans and recipes. As a sports dietitian working with collegiate and professional athletes, there is a physical benefit that many of my athletes feel when they begin to incorporate more plant-based foods, whether they are in the form of carbs, protein or fat. This book breaks down the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits by macronutrient and color groups and leaves the reader with activities for assessing their own diets and understanding where they could potentially improve. If you have heard about the benefits of eating more plant-based but are unsure of how to add them into your diet, this is the book for you.”

– Erin Kratzer, MS, RDN, LDN, Collegiate and professional sports dietitian

“This evidence-based book comes at the perfect time as the interest in fueling performance with plant-based foods gains popularity. The research supporting a plant-forward diet for improving health is well-accepted, but many athletes are unsure of how plant-proteins will support their fitness goals and training. This book walks you through putting it into practice. Author, Melissa Halas highlights the research in an easy-to-understand format and takes a deep dive into plant-based proteins, answering one of the most common concerns athletes have – getting all of the essential amino acids to fuel for sport. She shares which plant foods supply the highest levels of leucine to maximize muscle protein synthesis and provides easy snack and meal suggestions showing how to work them into a meal plan. The Plant-based Boost: Solutions for Athletes and Exercise Enthusiasts is a comprehensive guide for any athlete looking to follow a plant-based lifestyle that goes way beyond helping active people balance macronutrients. It highlights how antioxidant and phytonutrient-rich plants benefit an athlete’s training and recovery. This book provides the preparation and confidence, active people need to follow a plant-based diet for overall health, training and excelling at sports.”

– Heather Mangieri, RDN, CSSD, Sports Dietitian and Author of Fueling Young Athletes

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