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The 1-Week Feel Great in Your Body Challenge

If you missed my last challenge, now’s your chance to join the condensed and super-packed one-week version! 

I’ve been showing moms my secrets to minimize stress, promote a healthy weight, and boost immunity! It’s time to get all the juicy details in this one-week challenge!

After 20 years of experience, I’m sharing the most effective tips and tricks I’ve shared with clients, allowing them to propel their success forward and reach their health potential. 

I’ll give you a hint….they are realistic, sustainable, non-judgmental, and all about YOU!


Minimize Stress

Promote a Healthy Weight

Boost Immunity

…for 2023 and beyond. 

Join a supportive and motivational community. 

You already planned to start those New Year goals, so here’s your chance to take stock. 

I’m here to hold you accountable!

After this challenge, you’ll be able to:

  • Set goals confidently and with direction
  • Find balance in different food environments
  • Feel sexy…even with the lights on!
  • Manifest your own fitness motivation
  • Feel more energized daily
  • Set realistic and attainable goals to further your success
  • Shift your mindset to promote positivity
  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Overcome barriers that are getting in the way of reaching your goals

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One-Week Challenge

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About Melissa Halas, MA, RDN

Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE, is a nationally recognized nutrition expert with 20+ years of experience helping kids, adults, and communities live healthier lives! As a registered dietitian and mom, she’s passionate about making good nutrition easy, tasty, and fun!

Melissa has created and taught courses on weight management, helping people lose and maintain weight from goals, both big and small. Trained in nutrition for all stages of life, Melissa offers a realistic, non-judgmental and balanced approach to eating.

Melissa is also an expert in functional foods, focusing on phytonutrients, disease prevention, vitamins, and minerals. Understanding the multidimensional nature of health—she adopts an individualized approach to her nutrition workshops and counseling.

Melissa founded the first pediatric nutrition mega-site, SuperKids Nutrition, which provides parents with expert resources to overcome mealtime problems, nutrition concerns, and more. In addition, she is the creator of the Super Crew®-a group of friends who get their powers from eating colorful, healthy, plant-based foods. Check out her site Melissa’s Healthy Living where she helps inspire adults to reach their health potential.

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