Saving the World, One Healthy Food at a Time!

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Andrea D. Sinclair, RD, LD

Andrea D. Sinclair, RD, LD

Her mission is to empower parents and children to take responsibility for their health; focusing on the critical role nutrition plays in this effort. She believes realistic changes in diet are crucial in reversing the alarming trend of obesity, hyperlipidemia and diabetes in children of all ages. Only through exploring the emotional and environmental factors that influence a child’s food choices and intake, will long term changes and success be achieved. Education is the key and current user-friendly accurate nutrition information must be more readily available.  Parents need all the support they can get in this huge challenge.

Throughout her 26 years of experience in nursing home, community clinic, inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, and adult day care centers, Andrea has focused on assisting children and adults with changing their eating habits to improve overall health. She has worked with young families as a Nutritionist in the WIC program and consulted with Head Start and a local Children’s Home.  She is a member of the ADA Practice Groups Nutrition Education for the Public and Consultant Dietitians in Health Care Facilities, as well as the New Hampshire Dietetic Association.  Andrea also enjoys creative writing. In 2007 she attended the Brown University Writing Symposium and is a member of several local writing groups and associations. Andrea earned her BS from the University of New Hampshire. She is married with two grown children, one still in college. Both will attest to the challenges of growing up with a dietitian for a mother.