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Angela Lemond, RD

Angela Lemond, RD is an experienced registered and licensed dietitian in pediatric weight management. Follow her own healthy lifestyle efforts on her blog at

Angela left a successful career in marketing in 2001 to pursue her love of nutrition. In just 9 years, she has accomplished quite a lot. After gaining experience in the inpatient care setting at Children’s Medical Center Dallas specializing in cardiology, gastroenterology, diabetes and breastfeeding support, she joined the LEAN Families team to pursue her interest in weight management. LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition) Families is a family-centered, multi-disciplinary, weight management program for children and their families now operating at Children’s. Angela has been honored to have been one of the charter members and contributing authors of the LEAN Families Program, as it is the only Joint Commission-certified weight management program in the United States. Angela played a pivotal role in the research acquired at LEAN Families and she presented their initial findings on behavior change’s role in pediatric overweight this year’s Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group’s Annual Symposium. Angela is already proving to be a dietetic leader in the media. Her passion for promoting the registered dietitian as the nutrition expert has resulted in her formation of the Dallas Dietetic Association’s (DDA’s) Media Bureau in 2007. She is currently serving on the Media Bureau for the DDA and also as the Dallas/Fort Worth area Media Representative for the Texas Dietetic Association (TDA). Angela is the editor-in-chief for Nutrition Tidbits, a free monthly nutrition newsletter.

Angela’s current nutrition initiatives surround the promotion of the registered dietitian as the nutrition expert for the public both regionally and nationally. She is a volunteer clinical instructor for the University of Texas Southwestern Clinical Nutrition Department. Under that title, she assists a Dallas private school in optimizing their health through targeted nutrition initiatives. Angela is a Certified Specialist in Child and Adolescent Weight Management as well as Board Certified as a Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition through the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Angela now operates a successful private practice in Dallas, Texas supporting many physicians groups in providing both individual and family nutrition interventions. When not seeing patients in her office, she does some public speaking on nutrition for corporations and wellness organizations. As an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two young children, she knows that it takes creativity to raise a healthy and well-balanced family. Follow her own healthy lifestyle efforts on her blog at!