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The Leafy Greens Council

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Summary: Education materials on leafy greens in many subjects for grades 3-5.

Details: This site provides lesson plans in language arts, math, science/health and social studies where the students are led through activities by a team of five dinosaur cartoon characters dressed in baseball uniforms. Free materials such as book covers, trading cards, brochures and posters are available through the site. Overall this is a very kid-friendly and fun tool for teaching children the nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables through a variety of subjects.

Sample lesson plans:

  • Language Arts: Lesson 1 – Students develop reading comprehension skills while learning the nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables.
  • Math: Lesson 1 – Students reinforce understanding of addition or subtraction of 1, 2, or 3 digit numbers.
  • Social Studies: Lesson 1 – Students will recognize where leafy green vegetables are grown in the United States.
  • Science/Health: Lesson 1- Students will understand nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables.

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Silje Mork Bjorndal is Registered Dietitian based in Fountain Valley, California. Silje currently works in clinical nutrition and has experience writing nutrition curriculum for children and adolescents.

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