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Get Fit Right

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Summary: A motivational site for teens to help empower them to adopt healthier behaviors.

Details: This website is filled with videos, blogs, and profiles of teens who are trying to become healthier. It was developed to let consumers share their own personal stories and interact with people in similar situations and with similar struggles. The section “Get the Facts” can be a useful tool to consumers. In this  section one finds questions from site visitors and answers from a professional chef, a doctor, and a nutritionist. Motivational tips for healthy living continuously scroll at the top of the page. This website provides teens a free and easy educational tool. Visitors will leave this site with a sense of empowerment and increased knowledge of ways to become more physically active and make better health choices.

Sample Resources:

  • How can I get started? (Tips on ways to begin the journey of healthy living)
  • Cooking tips: Make ahead salads
  • Eating out at fast food restaurants (how to make smarter choices whiling eating out)

For more on keeping teens healthy see teaching teenagers to eat healthy during the school year.

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Kathleen is a Registered Dietitian in the greater Philadelphia area. She currently works in clinical nutrition and is pursuing a graduate degree in Nutrition Education.

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