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Healthy Kids Today -Prevent Cancer Tomorrow

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What if you could protect your child from developing cancer later in life and have fun during the process? YOU CAN — starting with their next meal!  Your kids are going to LOVE these tasty, fun and engaging activities!

Teaching your child healthy habits is as important as teaching them to cross the street safely or applying sunblock to protect their skin.  The Healthy Kids Today — Prevent Cancer Tomorrow Campaign will show you how to make simple changes every day that add up to lower cancer risk for you and your children.

The American Institute for Cancer Research shows that if we all ate smarter, moved more and stayed lean, about 1/3 of the cancers that occur in the U.S. could be avoided.

Get started now with our FREE toolkits featuring the Super Crew including:

  • Easy, healthy and delicious recipes you can make with your children
  • Fun food facts, printable activities and lessons your kids will love
  • Budget-wise tips for shopping and meals

And more!

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