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Showdown At The Food Pyramid

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by Rex Barron

Showdown At The Food Pyramid is a well-illustrated book introducing children to the Food Guide Pyramid. The book explores the struggles between junk foods and healthy foods to keep their place on the Food Pyramid. It explains the concept of balance, variety and moderation in a fun and illustrative way. It also outlines the functions of each food group and how they fit into a healthy, balanced diet. Through these animated edibles, characters such as “Granny Smith” make learning about the Food Pyramid fun. This book was printed before the 2005 pyramid update and does not show the importance of exercise. To find out more information on the latest version of the food pyramid go to After reading this book with your child:

  • Have your child cut out food pictures from a magazine and place them on a blank food guide pyramid in the appropriate food groups.
  • Make a placemat out of the pyramid and have it laminated.
  • Add a list of physical activity that is age appropriate.

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