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5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Yoga

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Do you practice yoga? If you do, you are already aware of the amazing benefits that yoga brings to your life. Why not share these valuable insights with your kids and bring them along? You can pass on a wonderful practice to your kids so that they can enjoy and develop their own practice.

Here’s 5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Yoga:

  1. Let them pick out their own mat – allow your child to pick a mat just for them and personalize it! Get out the acrylic paint and let them make a design or write their name at the bottom – they’ll be excited to get started after this.
  2. Practice animal yoga – Most of the poses in yoga have animal names, so pick a few and show your young child how it’s done. Make the animal noise that goes with the stretch you’re doing. Some animal poses to get your started: cat/cow, downward dog, frog and one of my faves, eagle pose.
  3. Share your props – allow your young one to try your block or strap while in a pose. Explain how it helps you stretch more or maintain balance and they’ll be intrigued to be just like you.
  4. Yoga DVDs – not in the mood for a class? Find a yoga DVD and make space in your home where you and your child can get your yoga on.
  5. Play a game – ‘Simon Says’ is a great way to get your child to mirror your movements and learn the moves…but don’t forget to let them be Simon, after all, it’s a great time to let them be in charge.

Remember to have fun! It’s about spending time with your child – quality active time. Don’t overcorrect your child too much when they’re in a position. Telling them to put their hands on the floor in front of them is fine but don’t tell them put your arms further apart or more to the side. Too much correction makes it less enjoyable; keep it light as long as your child isn’t going to endanger his or herself. Pretty soon they’ll be balancing in scorpion position!


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